Friday, March 28, 2008

March is almost gone!

Oh, I can't believe I almost let March slip away without a mention! What the heck have I been doing that has kept me away from this blog? My darling husband, David, was gone for two weeks; that was supposed to give me lots of free time, right? Wrong! I filled that time with so much activity! I spent some of the days driving to Texas to visit my Mother. She always enjoys those times when I make that trip alone. She knows that she will get my undivided attention while there. We visited her quilting group, played around with fabrics in her sewing room and just enjoyed each other. I spent the last day there cleaning her house. I needed to get home to rest! lol

Once home, it was nice to enjoy the quiet and do whatever or nothing. March 8 was my birthday. My dear friend treated me to a visit at the Crescent City Coffee Cafe where we enjoyed Cappucino and Chocolate Khalua cake while having the most wonderful 2 hour visit. The next day my dearest friend and cousin, Yvonne, drove up from Texas to spend time with me. We always have such fun together but with no husbands, it was like a girlfest! We shopped on Monday then she treated me to lunch for my birthday. That night was my regular Bunko night and she was able to accompany me and play. And she is the one who won!!!! She paid a price for coming to visit during this week because I had prior committments; but she agreed to help with them. We prepared lunch for my ladies church group on Tuesday and helped serve lunch to college kids at our church on Wednesday. Of course, we didn't work the entire days, we still had time to play in my sewing room. We were working on projects for a quilt retreat we will attend together in July. Then on Thursday, we went to my regular quilt group which is always fun. By Friday, she had to return home and David was on his way home. What a whirlwind two weeks that turned out to be! Isn't that always the way when you are having lots of fun?

I have consistantly been working on my Afternoon Tea in the Garden applique quilt and will soon be ready to assemble the center blocks so I can start the applique process on the borders. Pictures will come later.

On my birthday, I started a new wall hanging. I made a spool quilt several years from a kit. It is truly one of my favorite quilts; I love the fabrics sooooo much. I have a book that Chrissie gave me for my birthday last year that had a cute little quilt that I like. I decided to use the scraps from the Spool quilt and make that wall hanging. It has turned out so cute.

Because of internet problems, I was able to post to my blog. Here it is already almost a week into April. I have the Roses and Vine quilt finished and hanging on the wall. I have the Afternoon Tea in the Garden assembled and ready for borders. I also have my round complete on Kristy's RoundRobin Center.

When I can get this crazy Internet Explorer straightened out, I will post the pictures.

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