Monday, October 22, 2007

October 22

If I weren't so tired I would be doing a happy dance right now! I just finished stitching all those 4.5" Dear Jane blocks together - 169, to be exact! They were NOT all perfectly the same size so that may the process SO much fun! As I stitched them together, I was reminded of all those who had made blocks. There were more who dropped from the group than I had remembered. Unfortunately, I discarded all the background on it and can't remember the core group. I will probably take a short break from this project before starting on the 56 border/corner triangles. It is just so exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on this project. I can't even remember exactly what year this project was started. Six ladies from the Quilts On Review started this as a swap. I took someone's place several months into it. I just know that I have been working several years and would like to see a finished quilt before I am too old to enjoy it!


Gail said...

Oh Wow that is nice. I admire these quilts all the time but doubt I will ever make one.


Franie said...

Amazing! I am with Gail on this one. Beautiful!