Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Here it is already into the second week of October and t0day is the first day I have taken to post. Since we have been busy working on the landscaping, keeping up with the regular laundry and other household chores, and doing all the regular church and community activities, I have been quite busy. Well, not too busy to work on a few sewing projects though. Today I prepared a quilt top and backing to baste tomorrow at regular sewing group, I made 4 water bottle carriers, and 2 Dear Jane blocks! Whew! But it sure does feel good to get so much done. And besides that, I started a broken dish mosaic on a silver tray today! I bought an old tarnished silver tray at a flea market during the summer. I have been saving various broken dishes and pottery vases that got broke throughout the past few years with this idea in mind. I got the pieces positioned and stuck down. Once enough time has passed, I can clean it up and apply the grout.

I am so excited! I only have 10 more 4.5" blocks to make for the Dear Jane. I am seriously thinking about adding the 1/2" sashing and joining the blocks together before starting the border triangles. But then again, who knows what other projects will need to be done before then. I guess time will tell!

Hopefully, I will not wait so long before adding another installment.

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