Friday, February 15, 2008


I knew that I needed to update my blog but just kept putting off taking the time. Today, I have a little while and thought I might as well write a few lines. Upon arriving at my blog, I was totally surprised to see that it had, indeed, been too long since my last update. Has it really been since November? or is there a blog thief on the loose?

Things got pretty busy during the month of December. Besides the usual holiday parties, preparations and shopping, our neighborhood association sponsored a mailbox decorating project and cookie swap. The mailboxes were decorated with wooden cut outs of trumpet playing angels, fresh evergreens and large red flocked bows. It was really beautiful! The cookie swap was a great way to get the neighbors to visit and share recipes and goodies. I put many of the cookies I brought home into the freezer in air tight containers and enjoyed them for many weeks.

After celebrating Christmas in Ruston with Chris, Lori and Jordon, we hit the road driving to Arizona to celebrate with Aimee, David, Alex, and Caitie. It was a wonderful adventure for David and I to spend time together. By the time we found our way back to Louisiana, 2008 had rolled into play.

January took us on business trips to Little Rock, Arkansas and Dallas, Texas. Good greif, Janaury sure seemed short!

February is always a time of busy work getting ready for the big Gumbo fundraiser at church. I spent days making roux, 6 batches in fact. That means six 5lb. bags of flour and 3 gallons of oil. That is only what I made. We use a total of 20 batches making that many pots of gumbo. Each pot makes 52 quarts of Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo. We make and sell 1040 quarts total. Since it is our Women's Guild's one and only money making endeavor for the year, we have good participation. We just completed the cooking and selling process this week in time to relax and enjoy Valentine's Day.

Each evening after a tiring day of either chopping vegetables, cooking, etc., I came home to a relaxing bubble bath and spent my evening on the sofa hand quilting. My project stays ready and waiting for me each day. It is my swap blocks from the 2005 Quilts On Review retreat held in chicago. All the blocks are some shade of green, each block different.

On Thursdays at my weekly sewing group, I work on my Afternoon Tea in the Garden applique quilt. I have two blocks to complete and will them have to prepare the borders which also have vines and flowers to applique.

I still think about getting back to work on my Dear jane quilt. but since the QOR Round Robin has begun, all my creative juices will be needed for those quilts.

I did get a new pin cushion made this month. It is from the book,
"Pin Cushions for Every Occasion". I used corduroy that I had received
in an unusual fabric swap. The corduroy raveled more than I liked but
the end result was what I wanted; that is all that mattered. I save labels
from ready to wear, etc. to use on crazy quilt projects. I used two on this dress form pin cushion. Now that I have made this one, I can't wait to
make another one from the book.

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