Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just where does the time go?

I wish I could say that I have been so busy creating lots of wonderful things and that is why I haven't written for almost two weeks. My whirlwind trip to Texas was fun. All of the aprons sold as well as the pecan pies. I love divinity but never make it so i was able to buy some there and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once home again, I have been busy with everyday life. I started hand quilting my Fractions quilt. The nice thing about having a portable project is that I can work on it for small increments of time when not in the mood to machine sew or get a bunch of stuff out. I spent one day last week make Stick Pins as you can see in the photo. It was fun but time consuming. I guess if I would concentrate on working to finish the quilts I already have started instead of starting new things like making pin cushions and stick pins, I could complete a quilt! lol
I remember back when I didn't really have anything particular I collected. Now I am collecting thimbles, old needle packs, pin cushions, etc. And my sewing room just keeps getting smaller and I keep adding more stuff!
It will soon be Thanksgiving, a time to enjoy good food and fellowship with family. Why don't we ever think about having turkey and dressing any other time of the year? And then in a flash it will be Christmas, wait, I haven't even started decorating yet. Oh fiddle dee dee, I will think about that tomorrow!

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Veronica said...

Hey, Suzy. The stick pins are certainly different. And, what will you use them for? Are they like hat pins? I'm feeling a little dumb I love my apron!