Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Autumn At Last!

Well, here it is November 7 and finally we are experiencing a little autumn splendor! Trees changing colors, cool breezes, pleasant sunshine; what could be better? So many things have kept me busy, not complaining because I really like being busy! I have spent today making Cornbread Dressing for the Dollar Lunch Program at church tomorrow. We prepare hot meals for the Louisiana Tech students every Wednesday. Students pay one dollar while adults pay two. Tomorrow being the Thanksgiving feast which they look forward to with much appreciation. Once the dishes are done, I will pack the car and head to Orange to my Mom's house. We will be attending the church Gumbo and Craft Sale. I have spent several months making aprons to sell and just today made mini pies - Toasted Coconut Chocolate Pecan, for their bake shop. Of course, being vigilant about quality control, DH and I sampled them. Oh yea, they are good!

I have not started any of the Dear Jane border blocks yet. Staying busy with little projects, traveling, and household chores keep getting in the way. I did make a little purse using that plastic mesh that is used for pet carriers.

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