Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's just me again!

Yea, I know it is really November 6! Time is flying by fast enough without me rushing it more. lol
I wish I had kept account of all the aprons I have made for the Gift Shop through the years. A few years ago, I made 50 for that one sale! I got really carried away, I know. But it is so much fun choosing apron fabric and then matching up fabric for the bias trim. The hardest part of the project is making the bias trim but it makes them so "one of a kind". Although quilting is my first love, I just can't help myself when it comes to fabric shopping. The first thing I think of is aprons and what would look good!


Franie said...

Cute apron Suzy. How does it attach--or just over the head? what do they charge for an apron like that at the gift shop?

Franie said...

Suzy this Fran in AK--I use Franie on google blog. Yvonne gave me your blog addy. Super duper.