Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the adventure continues

After doing some Monday chores, mainly laundry, the girls and I headed to the library. After spending some time on the computers in the children's section, they found lots of books to bring home.

Today was our day for baking. We have a tradition of baking pies (scratch dough and all) every time they come. Sometimes they are here during Blueberry season and we even get to pick our own berries for the pies. Not so this time. They are eating the blueberries that I saved in the freezer for snacks. We made Ruston Peach pies today. I found the cutest little pie dishes at a kitchen shop- bigger than an individual serving but smaller and easier for the girls to handle.

Their parents are driving in tonight, will stay a few days to visit also before taking the girls back to Austin. Since their dad does not eat peach pie, we made a batch of Sugar cookies for him. Of course, he probably won't get as many as he would like since the girls have been scheming on them too.

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