Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What has been keeping me busy?

On Wednesday, July 30, David and I drove to Orange, TX to pick up our two darling granddaughters where they had been visiting friends. Alex - 9 and Caitie- 7 have kept me hopping! We spent Thursday and Friday playing in my sewing room. This has been their first sewing experience and they love it. We started with making each of them an apron then I let them use their imaginations to just play and create with needle and thread and the sewing machine. It was getting hectic with them having to share the machine, so I pulled out my traveling machine so they could each stitch away. I was hopping from one side of the room to the other teaching and assisting. They are so different. Alex is the careful planner, taking her time and trying to get perfection. Caitie is the creative designer who thinks done is better than perfect! I stepped out of my zone and let the room stay in an upheaval with fabric and threads all over the place.

They each brought several items from home that needed mending. So I showed them how and let them help. One of the items was Caitie's gingham check plisse baby blanket that I had made before she was born. She still sleeps with it. It had an L-shaped tear. So we sandwiched the tear between two fabric hearts.

We got a break from sewing on Sunday when we enjoyed a day of good food and visiting when Uncle Chris, Aunt Lori and Jordon drove over from Shreveport for the day. It was too hot to be outside for very long, so we played games indoors and had a great time.

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