Monday, October 13, 2008

Already Fall!

Like so many others, my summer disappeared far too quickly. The highlight, of course, was the wonderful adventure with Alex and Caitie. Soon after my last post, their parents arrived to add a few days of joy to my world. We had such a good visit that ended much too soon. Once they left to begin their new journey having just moved back to Texas from Arizona, my life was filled with getting back to what I expected to be my mundane routine. I quickly learned different; my help was needed to trek over to Austin to supply some adult supervision while Aimee and David started their new jobs. What fun we had playing games all day and just spending quality time together.

It wasn't long after getting back to Ruston settling back to the everyday ordinary existence that I call "my life" when we had another diversion called "Gustav". We had planned on having weekend guests for the Labor Day weekend. Those plans had to be altered a bit. Instead of just a visit, it turned into an evacuation plan. lol Our evacuees saw more wind and rain by coming here than if they had stayed home. They were all home just over a week when more plans had to be made to prepare for "Ike" who proved to be much more distructive. While some of our "guests" headed home to begin cleanup (flood waters inside a house is not a pretty site), my Mom stayed with me by David headed to Nashville on business. Once he returned, we drove Mom home and got her settled. Fortunately, her only loss due to "Ike" was things in her refrigerator and upper freezer.

OK. Life now returned to what we know as normal. David and I made the trip to Oxford, MS for the Presidential Debate. No, we didn't get anywhere near the actual debate but loved the frenzy surrounding it. We were in the crowd behind Chris Mathews during his commentary on MSNBC. If you were looking very close, you could see us in the crowd holding signs. We then met with a group to have hamburgers and hot dogs to watch the debate on big screens. What a wonderful experience!

Here we are almost half way through October and life is just busy enough to keep me from being bored. I have started hand quilting my Mystery on the Oriental Express and my Afternoon Tea in the Garden quilts. I really want to get the Afternoon Tea quilt finished since I will be hanging it in my guess room. So the Mystery has been put aside for now. I had also hoped to get back to work on my Dear Jane by now. But I just get too obsessed when working on it so it will stay buried for now.

Hopefully, I will get some new pictures taken soon to spice up this blog. Will I ever get my act together enough to keep this blog fueled more frequently?

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