Thursday, March 5, 2009

March blows in...............

I received a package containing a variety of fabrics all sizes in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It was for a challenge associated with a retreat I will be attending in April. The challenge was to make a project using only the fabrics included which were mainly left from block of the month kits and such. There was a one yard cut of a leafy fabric. I studied the fabrics and gave it serious consideration before coming up with a plan. I wanted my project to be something that I would use. One of my aims this year has been to make small wall hangings for my stairwell. From there the idea evolved. My project is called "Lost Cabin in the Woods". I grew to like it the longer I worked on it. I decided to hand quilt it using the stitching to form cabins in the leaf fabric squares.

Just a lot of everyday stuff going on these days. February ended with the beginning of Lent. I finished reading The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons. What a wonderful book. I have now started reading Alexander and Tatania which picks up where the other ended. There has been much cooking and baking lately. As we have a program at our church called Stork Bites where we bring a hot meal and frozen casseroles to a family with a new baby. Another program that I volunteer with is Dollar Lunch. We prepare lunch for college kids on Wednesday. They get a complete home cooked meal for $1. What a bargain! It is so rewarding to see how excited they are as they come through the line. They are so appreciative.

I have started the machine quilting on my king 4-patch Posie quilt but ran out of thread and am awaiting the arrival of more. Hopefully, I will get finished within the next week or two and can start enjoying it on my bed!!!

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