Saturday, July 4, 2009

July and it's hot, hot hot!

Since my last installment, quite a bit has gone on around here! On June 14, David and I celebrated 39 years of wedded bliss! Not being one for romantic dinners and such, we opted to just do our usual on Friday and dinner on Saturday evening. We had a business trip to Dallas; he worked while I shopped! What great fun! When we left Dallas, we headed down to Orange to attend his family reunion. I always tell people that Broussards are like ants; there are just so many you wouldn't believe! The older generation keeps decreasing in numbers and there are more babies all the time. The best part of this reunion is that both of our children and their kids were able to attend also.

The movies we've seen this month include: My Life in Ruins, The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3, The Proposal, The Hangover, David saw Transformers and I saw My Sister's Keeper. Explanation on that will come later!

Aimee, Alex, and Caitie arrived here Friday, June 26 for a week long visit. The girls wanted to see Transformers so Poppy agreed to take them. He didn't want to see My Sister's Keeper but Aimee and I did, so it was a natural solution to Friday nite entertainment. The movies were at different time so we couldn't ride together. But just as our guests arrived, we realized that the
A/C was not cooling!!!! We were not overly optimistic about getting someone out at 5:50 on a Friday evening. But one phone call and "the man" was here within 30 minutes. Poppy and the girls were able to get to their feature but "the man" was still working when it was time for Aimee and I to leave. We voted that A/C was definitely more important than the movie. We had a cool night and "the man" returned Saturday to replace the fan motor.

While the girls were here, Aimee needed to get some homework done toward her teacher certification course while Alex, Caitie and I played games and worked on sewing projects. On Sunday, David fired up the grill and played with the girls while Aimee and I caught the early feature of My Sister's Keeper. Aimee had read the book and said that although she enjoyed the movie...........the book is way better. David had to leave Sunday evening for a business trip. So for 3 nights, we were an all girls household.

On Monday, we headed to the Blueberry Patch where we braved the sweltering heat to pick 2 1/2 gallons of delicious blue fruit. When we returned home, Aimee made a big pot of chicken and dumplins while the girls and I washed and sorted the blueberries. Aimee spent the afternoon studying while the girls and I made pies............delicious, juicy, blueberry and peach pies.

Several days during the week, we went to Chrissie's to swim and enjoy a relaxing time. Caitie made several small artsy projects with fabric, sewing and markers. Alex wanted to make a quilt; so several days were spent finishing it. They both wanted frilly skirts so they chose fabric from my stash, drew their plan and I made them each a skirt. The top layer of Caitie's skirt was scraps from my bridesmaid dresses while another was scraps from my graduation dress. Alex chose fabric that I had bought to make a dress that never happened with the lining from a bridesmaid dress Aimee wore in a friend's wedding. I am sure they will get many hours of fun playing in these skirts.

As of Friday morning, things have quietened down quite a bit.............the girls headed back to Austin, TX where their two dogs Jack and Bridget and their husband/daddy eagerly awaited their return.

In June I readThe Ocean Inside, Red Leaves, and River's Edge. Loved them all.

David and I will be attending a 4th of July party today that has come to be an annual event.
Happy Independence Day!

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