Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!

We have now crossed over to begin our journey through a new year. This picture of the #1 man in my life, David, was taken Christmas Eve after services in Arizona. We left Ruston on December 22 before sun up and had a great day driving and listening to books on tape. We spent the night in El Paso, TX heading out before dawn the next morning. We had the most enjoyable trip driving through light snow in Demming, New Mexico to get there. It was fun watching the change in scenery from state to state. Making great time we arrived in Anthem, Arizona before 3 pm December 23.

First order of busines was taking my girls for manicures while we let Poppy relax in front of the TV for a while. Once back from having our nails done, we all headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Abuelos for the best mexican food anywhere!

Finally got the Voss family to sit down long enough for a picture: dog, Bridgette held by Caitie sitting in her dad, David's lap, my daughter, Aimee, dog Jack held by granddaughter, Alex. The girls opened their gifts from us and are already wearing their new pjs. We spent Thursday, Christmas Eve, making pies and gumbo. The girls love making pie crust for fresh peach pie, chocolate pie and Pineapple Chess pie. We all went to early vigil Mass before coming home to enjoy the delicious ChickenSausage Gumbo. We spent Christmas day seeing the Chipmunk movie and hiking. That evening we played games until time to get some rest before the long journey back to Ruston.

Jordon, Lori and Chris in front of the Christmas tree in Ruston. We had a great Sunday Christmas celebration with them before leaving for the AZ trip. Chicken Okra Gumbo and Chocolate Pie! Ballgames and table games. And we all got to watch the Survivor finale together! What a day!

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